Football Team

Who said that architects only design? Who said that architects do not grapple with things seemingly incompatible with their status? Who said that architects do not play ball?

Apparently, not only they can play but they are capable of forming a competent team, beyond any expectation. The football team of our School was established in September 2013, out of nothing, and from people from different years of studies (from freshers to the most senior ). The momentum that came about as a result of the collective energy gathered in its infancy,  render our football team an institution in the everyday life of both staff  and students. The principles upon which it is based are reflected in the following four virtues: entertainment - sports - group spirit - organisation.  With the first two, we can leave behind both laptops and daily routine and open up to get to know each other better in the School and with students from other Schools. With the last two virtues, we prove to ourselves that architects can work as a team, recognising the role of each single individual, towards achieving a common goal, in a well-organised fashion. And this is, of course, the cornerstone of football implying hard-work, regular workouts to live up to the expectations of our membership.

The football team is open to all students of the school who like to play ball. A prerequisite to participate in training and matches in the league university is to be enrolled at the University Gym of AUTh. However, all the University community is invited to cheer, support and encourage us in the difficult times of a football match....Moreover, the team enlists often imaginative means to call students to competitions, such as funny videos, and participates in the organisation of parties and other events related to the school life, in collaboration with other groups operating in it.

A school - a team - a manifesto : "Fun is more"

Team organizer: Bonas Avraam