The Library of the School of Architecture is one of the several departmental libraries that constitute along with the Central Library, the Aristotle University Library System.

The Library is primarily intended for the School members and the university community, but is open to the public as well. Its collection covers all thematic areas connected with the science of architecture with particular emphasis on the requirements of the School’s undergraduate and postgraduate programs and research activities.

The books are classified according to the Library of Congress Classification system (LC). Magazines from 2003 to the present are kept in the magazines area, and are arranged on the stands and shelves in alphabetical order.  Older volumes (1996-2002) are in the library loft and must be requested from the library staff.

Journals and a small number of books marked with a red dot may not be borrowed. Four scanners and a photocopying machine are at the users' disposal in order to reproduce part of the library’s material. (Note comparative research of Mr. Marco Marandola concerning Greek and European legislation issues on copyright in libraries, presented during the program of modernization of the Library System of the Aristotle University).

Before their graduation, students must supply the School Secretariat with a certificate issued by the library stating that they don’t have any obligation towards the library. At the same time they must return the library card, and a copy of their research thesis should be handed in.

Monday – Thursday 10.00 – 18.00
Friday 10.00 – 15.00

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