Everything starts almost 15 years ago, by a group of students of the School of Architecture of AUTH with sole motive their love for and common interest in photography. The aim of the group has been to  get organised and within the group to enhance their skills and capacities through exchanging experiences and techniques.  These have been the formative elements of F.L.A.S.H (Photography Group of School of Architecture).

Since then, its members are in an ongoing creative mode, attracting freshers from many more schools from AUTh. The group meets on a weekly basis and has access to a fully-equipped dark room. 

The more senior members of the group organise seminars and courses, for the newcomers, on the theoretical and practical aspects of photography. They are also initiated, in order to become familiar, with the use of the dark room

As for the members' practical excersise, expeditions are organised frequently, where each individual practices and improves.

F.L.A.S.H is open to those who wish to share their love for photography.