Digital Repository of Diploma & Research Papers

The School of Architecture  is developing a digital repository for the submission of diploma and research papers of its students, which is a continuous effort of an updated source of information and research.

This is implemented in collaboration with the Institutional Repository of Scientific Publications of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, which is a place of collection, preservation and dissemination of the research production of the teaching and research staff of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Submission of Diploma Thesis

For the digital submission of the diploma thesis, the following documents are required to be sent electronically by the interested parties:

  1. The Diploma Thesis Delivery Document completed and signed exclusively by the candidate
  2. The file of the work in a single file in pdf format not larger than 20-30mb.
  3. The Diploma Thesis Details in .doc or .docx format, completed and signed exclusively by the candidate

All files and signed forms will be sent via e-mail to Mr. Koukaki Ioannis of the departments library at

For further information about the Digital Repository of Diploma & Research Thesis you can also contact Mr. Pavlidis Konstantinos of the departments Fab-Lab  at and at 2310995446.

The Department of Architectural Engineering, AUTh, bears no responsibility, direct or indirect, for the liquidation of the copyright of their content and for issues of infringement of copyright of third parties. The full texts of the dissertations are given with open creative commons licenses (default license by-nc-sa) ”
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