Landscape Architecture International Student Competition, Thessaloniki 2014 Award

Landscape Architecture
International Student Competition, Thessaloniki 2014

Postgraduate Studies in Landscape Architecture AUTh
(Editor: M. Ananiadou-Tzimopoulou)

Ziti Publications, Thessaloniki, 2015
ISBN 978-960-456-443-9

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the Postgraduate Program in Landscape Architecture AUTh announced an International Student Competition on Landscape Architecture, Thessaloniki 2014 “Re- designing the cityscape from the forest to the seafront: Tritis Septemvriou Street”. In the same context, the International Symposium “Landarch Competition, Thessaloniki 2014” has been organized, for the presentation and the Award ceremony of the competition, as well as the Exhibition of the winning projects at the City Hall of Thessaloniki.
The publication under the title “Landscape Architecture, International student competition. Thessaloniki 2014 Award” summarizes the whole effort and forms a memorandum to the successful completion of the first decade, 2003-2014, of the program, as well as a springboard and foresight for the next one.

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