Exchange Student’s Application/Nomination to Unicamp, Brazil

From: Marta Janete Gomes Rodrigues []
Sent: Friday, April 01, 2016 8:14 PM
To: Marta Janete Gomes Rodrigues
Cc: Mariana Castrillon Morais Pereira
Subject: Exchange Student’s Application/Nomination to Unicamp

Dear Partners

We hope this message finds you well!

We are glad to let you know about the new procedures for Exchange Student’s Application/Nomination to Unicamp.

When and how to apply

In order to study at Unicamp, the student must be nominated by the home institution and complete his/her application online by May 31st, 2016, as explained below:

  • The student must apply online at
  • The home institution must nominate its students by email ( in order to confirm the students application. There is no need to send the student’s documents, only his/her name and contact (email)

Location of classes

Unicamp has three campuses, located in three separate cities: Campinas, Limeira and Piracicaba. The student should check the information available at our website ( in order to find out where he/she will study. Due to the distance between each campus (and how difficult it is to get from one to the other), we strongly recommend that the students choose classes in only one Campus.

Study plan – Undergraduate

The full list of undergraduate courses and classes offered is available at (sorry, Portuguese only).

In order to fill the undergraduate study plan that he/she will have to submit online, the students must select, preferably, classes offered on S-2 (Second semester) and S-5 (Code for “both semesters”). This will appear as “OF:S-2” and “OF:S-5” in the course description.

Important: The courses beginning with the following two letters are offered only at our Limeira Campus: AG; CG; CP; ER; EU; GL; LE; MG; NC; NT; PG; SL; EB; SI; ST; TT. The courses beginning with the following two letters are offered only at our Piracicaba Campus: DB; DC; DE; DM; DO; DS. All the other classes are offered at our Campinas Campus.

Study plan – Graduate

The full list of undergraduate courses and classes offered is available at  (sorry, Portuguese only).

Some classes are not offered every semester. We recommend that the student check and choose classes that have been offered in the second semester of 2015 to include in your study plan.

Important: In exceptional cases, undergraduate students may take graduate classes.


Students are not required to provide evidence of Portuguese proficiency. However, it is strongly recommended that the student knows at least some Portuguese.

Dates – second semester 2016

The 2016 academic semester will begin on August 1st, 2016 and end on December 17th, 2016 (including final exams).

Important: The academic calendar is for all courses at Unicamp. The only exception is the Medical School and for practical classes in speech pathology.

Other information

Please access our guide for foreign students for more information:

Best regards,


Marta Rodrigues

Incoming and Outgoing Students

Vice-Reitoria Executiva de Relações Internacionai/ International Relations Office

Universidade Estadual de Campinas/ University of Campinas

Rua da Reitoria, 121/ Caixa Postal 6194

13083-970   Campinas  SP Brasil
Phone:  + 55 19 3521-7130


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