Public Lecture: Richard Whitlock “Photography and the Construction of Reality”

Public Lecture

Richard Whitlock

Photography and the Construction of Reality.

Photography, like a monoculture of vision, traps us in a single perspectival world. Richard Whitlock will propose that the experience of the image and of the world can be enriched by non-perspectival representational systems that, thanks to digitalisation, can now also be applied to photography and to moving pictures.

Richard Whitlock has made art installations in many parts of the world. Dissatisfied with photography as a means of adequately representing these works he began making photographs and films in unusual ways, avoiding the central perspective natural to these media. This by-work became a mojor preoccupation, leading to photographic and video installations in Helsinki, Grenoble, the Crimea, Taipei, Thessaloniki and New York. Born in Liverpool he has lived in Thessaloniki, Greece, since 1982.