Andrikopoulou Eleni

Academic titles
1972: Architect-Engineer, Technical University of Athens

1984: Doctoral Degree, Department of Urban and Regional Planning and Development, School of Architecture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Keywords: Spatial development, Spatial planning, Regional policy, Cohesion Policy of the EU, Spatial impact of policies

Description: Spatial policies and spatial planning at the European, national, regional and local level; Evolution of the cohesion policy in the EU and of the regional development policies and spatial planning in Greece; Polycentricity and settlement networks; Sustainable spatial development; Spatial impact assessment of sectoral plans and policies.

Selection of publications (after 2000)

  • Andrikopoulou E. 1995, Regions in the European Union. The evolution of Regional Policy from the Rome to the Maastricht Treaty, Athens: Themelio (in Greek).
  • Andrikopoulou E. and Kafkalas G. eds. 2000, New European Space: enlargement and the geography of European development, Athens: Themelio, (in Greek)
  • Andrikopoulou E. and G. Kafkalas 2000, Spatial Impact of European Policies, Thessaloniki: ZITI Publ., (in Greek)
  • Andrikopoulou E. and Kafkalas G. 2004, Greek regional policy and the process of Europeanisation: 1961-2000. In Greece in the European Union, Dimitrakopoulos D., Passas A., eds., Routledge, London, 35-47.
  • Andrikopoulou E. 2004, Regions in the European Union: Their function as part of the European space TECHNIKA CHRONIKA, electronic publication, vol. 4, (in Greek)
  • Andrikopoulou E. 2005, The regions in the European Union, Territorium (Special issue: Spatial Planning in East and Southern Europe), No 3, June 2005, 34-42.
  • Andrikopoulou E. 2005, Spatial Planning and regional policy facing the challenges of enlargement and cohesion. In T. Pakos, M. Labrinidis and A. Papadaskalopoulos eds. Volume on the Honour of Nikos Konsolas, Athens: Panteion University, 465-481 (in Greek)
  • Andrikopoulou E. 2005, The regions in the European Union after 1999. In Spatial Development Issues: Series of Lectures 2004-2005, Thessaloniki: Spatial Development Research Unit, 55-93 at (in Greek).
  • Andrikopoulou E. and Kafkalas G. 2006, Spatial impacts of European Policies, Electronic Publication in English at
  • Andrikopoulou E. Giannakou A., kafkalas G., Pitsiaba M. 2007, City and Urban Planning Practices, Athens: KRITIKI, (in Greek).
  • Andrikopoulou E. and Kafkalas G. 2008, Building the conceptual content of ‘territorial cohesion’, In International and European Policy v.10 (Papazisis Editions). Special issue on ‘The Reformative Treaty and Territorial Cohesion’, 195-263 (in Greek).
  • Andrikopoulou E.  2008, The impact of European policies on the transformation of Thessaloniki after 1990. In Thessaloniki on the Verge: the city as a process of change, KRITIKI, Athens (in Greek).
  • Andrikopoulou E.  2010, « Polycentricity of settlement network: the contribution of the founding fathers of spatial science and applications in Greece », in City Discourse, honorary volume for Prof. A.Ph.Lagopoulos, Dimitriadis, Ε., Kafkalas, G.,
  • Tsoukala, Κ.,editors, University Studio Press, Thessaloniki, 87-98. (in Greek)
  • Andrikopoulou E.  2010, «1978/ Thessaloniki. The impacts of earthquakes of 1978 in Thessaloniki», in Earthquakes and residential development, The role of architectural, urban and regional planning Mperiatos E. and Deledetsimas P.-M. editors, KRITIKI, Athens, 182-201. (in Greek)
  • Andrikopoulou E. and Kafkalas G. 2011, «Megalopolis, Arcadia. The meaning of ‘modernization’ in a Greek town» in Contemporary Greek Landscapes Hadjimichalis, K., editor, Melissa, Athens,172-175. (in Greek)
  • Andrikopoulou E., Kafkalas G., Kakderi Ch., Tasopoulou A. (forthcoming) «Paths of regional resilience: impacts of crisis and spatial development prospects in the region of West Macedonia» AEIHOROS, electronic publication, TMXPPA, Un. of Thessaly, Volos. (in Greek)




Recent research activity
2002-2004: ESPON Action 2.2.3: Territorial Effects of the Structural Funds in Urban Areas (Responsible for the Greek case), Assignment: European Commission - DG Regional Policy; 2004-2006, ESPON Action 2.3.1: Application and effects of the ESDP (Responsible or the cases of Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania), Assignment: European Commission - DG Regional Policy; 2006-2008: SIMCODE-IGT: Spatial Impacts of Multimodal Corridor Development, ARCHIMED/INTERREG; Ongoing: Human Capabilities as a basic Component of Development Dynamics and Differentiation of the Regions: the case of Greece (Partner), THALIS, Ministry of Education, Operational Program • Ongoing: ECR2-Economic Crisis: Resilience of Regions, ESPON/ERDF

Other scientific activities:
Founding member of the Editorial Committees of the Greek journals City and Region (1981-89) and TOPOS: journal of urban and regional studies (1990-2007/ISSN 1105–3267) (1990-2007).: Correspondent member of the scientific committee of the journal Regions of Europe, published by the Assembly of the European Regions (1995-97). Member of the Advisory Council of Hellenic Centre for European Studies (EKEM) (2001-2004). Examiner and tutor for the National Scholarship Foundation (in the Field of Regional Planning and Development) (2001-2007). Member of the scientific Association: Regional Science Association, Association of the Greek Urban and Regional Planners, Technical Chamber of Greece.

Emeritus Professor

Subject Areas
Spatial development and regional policy


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