Tsinikas Nikolaos

Curriculum Vitae:

  • Studies, Member, Positions, Awards 
  • Architect, School of Architecture, Faculty of Technology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUT), 1974. Master of Science, Institute of Sound & Vibration Research (I.S.V.R.), University of Southampton, 1977-78. Doctor Engineer, Faculty of Technology, AUT, 1982. Professor, School of Architecture, AUT, 2000.
  • Member, of the Technical Chamber of Greece, of the Association of Architects of Thessaloniki, of the Hellenic Acoustical Society (EAKE) & Vice President, 1984, 1993, of the Hellenic Institute of Acoustics & Vice President, 2000, 2004, of Institute of Acoustics M.I.O.A., 1988, of eCAADe, Regional Representative, 1998, of Greek UIA and UIA-High Technology, 1999, of IASS “International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures”, 1999, of editing board of the magazine ‘Panepistimiou-poli’ of  A.U.T.H.

Scientific Work

  • Research in Architectural Design, Acoustic Design of Rooms, Theatres, Lecture Rooms, Concert Halls, Multi-purpose Halls, Architecture & Music, Light-weight Constructions, Sound Insulation - Protection, Urban Noise Control, Architectural Technology, Building Physics, Products, Photography.

Architectural & Acoustic Design Projects

  • Acoustic Projects: Noise Maps, Sound Insulation – Protection of Buildings, Cinemas, Amphitheatres, Multi-purpose Halls, Conference Centers, Music Schools, Theatres, Open-Air Theatres, Music Halls. 
  • Architectural Projects: Museum in a Neoclassic Building, Kindergarten, Shopping Center, Archaeological Center A.U.T., Museum, Refectory, EXPO 2008 proposal, School of Informatics A.U.T., Housing, Offices and Shops.



  • Nature & Space StructuresArchitecture of Sound, Noise & MusicObjects Teaching ExperienceI have taught in the School of Architecture, School of Media, School of Environment and School of Film Studies the following topics: Architecture of Sound-Noise-Music, Nature & Space Structures, Industrial Design, Architecture vs. Gravity, Architectural Design of Music Academies, Architectural Acoustics, Sound Insulation Protection, Auditorium and Theatre Acoustics, Urban Noise Protection, C.A.D., Light Weight Constructions, Construction & Building Materials, Building Physics.


Recent Publications:
I have published thirty-nine articles in Greek & International technical periodicals, twenty-seven papers in Greek congresses, twenty-nine papers in International congresses, twenty presentations in seminars, twenty leaflets, participation in three Hellenic Standards (ELOT), lectures' notes on the above teaching topics. I have also participated with photographs in six exhibitions and have designed ‘musical’ sculptures-machines-toys.

“Architecture vs. Gravity” 2001, “Acoustic Design of Spaces” 2nd Edition 2005, “Forms in Nature and Technology” 1999, “The Optical Representation of Music” 1987, “Architectural Technology” 1993, “Photographs 96”, “Nature and Space Structures” 1997, “Urban Noise” 1998, «Architecture & Music» 2009.


Emeritus Professor

Subject Areas:
Architectural Design and Architectural Technology


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