Tellios Anastasios

Curriculum Vitae:
Anastasios Tellios studied architecture at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Dip. Arch. AUTh) and the Bartlett School of Architecture in London (M.Arch Dist. UCL). He holds a PhD at School of Architecture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (PhD AUTh) in the scientific area of architectural design and the related theories.

His PhD academic research was focused in issues concerning architecture, theory and criticism, image and representation. His recent academic interests are related to advanced architectural design, conceptual spatial experimentation, contemporary design theories, research by design and emerging technologies.

Since 2008 he is Assistant Professor of Architectural Design: Theory and Practice at School of Architecture, AUTh. He is participating in projects, research programs and international architectural competitions in the areas of architectural and urban design. He has participated in 29 conferences, in 17 workshops in Greece and abroad and in 8 research and funded programs concerning architecture, urban design and architectural education. He has edited publications and monographs, including the following 'Synecdoches: architecture, image , spatial representation' (Epikentro, Thessaloniki, 2011) and 'Agile Design, advanced architectural cultures' (CND publications, Thessaloniki, 2014). He has 21 publications in scientific journals, collective volumes and periodicals and 19 publications in conference proceedings. He has lectured in Greece and internationally. Parts of his work in research, theory and practice, as an individual or as member of teams, has been exhibited and published in Greece and abroad, in 24 exhibitions of architecture and in over 25 greek and international publications.

Research and scientific interests:
Architectural design, urban design, environmental design, advanced design technologies, contemporary design theories, research by design, emerging technologies 

Assοciate Professor

Subject Areas:
Architectural Design: Theory and Practice