SPACE INTERWEAVINGS ethos-social practices-architecture



The School of Architecture, at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, in collaboration with the School of Political Sciences AUTh, the School of Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens, the Department of Architecture, University of Patras and the Department of Architecture, University of Ioannina, organized the Interdisciplinary Conference with international participation titled:

ethos-social practices-architecture

Thessaloniki, 21 – 23 May 2021

Contemporary era is marked by the multidimensional crisis of the conventional configurations of way of existence, as these are displayed within the context of social expediency, causing translocations within the field of architecture. Contemporary concern regarding the subject of ethics, as descriptive, normative or meta-ethics, traverses all sectors of social practice and all the cognitive objects that constitute the subject of all topics. Ethics, a disputed term that is relativized in accordance with the formative cultural, geographical, environmental, technological, social, political and economic context, has since Plato to contemporary thinkers provided answers to questions relating to values, meanings and how to live as an individual or a society, proposing concepts or conceptual systems differing in their scientific character, particularly in cases of descriptive ethics and meta-ethics.

Space, as the material field in which personal, collective and social practices develop, is imbued with the values and meanings of each occasion and is shaped, as regards its organisation, content and form, in correlation with the different aspects of a predominant ethics and/or the conflicting value systems that characterise the specific production context. In contemporary conditions of economic, social, cultural and environmental crisis, the degree of questioning (this valuable arising existential situation) of established values in design process and architectural education leads to a dynamic reflection upon the ‘ethical’ dimension of space. However, the social inclusion in the design process is not always fruitful. It would be possible to examine the relation between ethics and space in the field of the profession (in the practice of architecture, of urban design, of town planning and of landscape architecture) and in that of theory as it is being shaped by the above cognitive fields and their intersection with others (philosophy, the natural and human sciences, art), through an interdiscliplinary logic.
You can watch all the sessions of the conference through the following links:

Friday 21/05/2021
Digital Room 1                      Digital Room 2


Saturday  22/05/2021
Digital Room 1                      Digital Room 2


Sunday 21/05/2021
Digital Room 1                      Digital Room 2


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