Public lecture “The Finnish example towards the “open” school: Ethical-Architectural foundations” / Konstantinos Xanthopoulos

Tuesday 20 November 2018, 19:00, Lecture Room 301

The “open school” as a concept, philosophy and vision is now steadily moving forward in culturally advanced countries, with progressive, flexible and adaptable educational programs such as, for example, in Finland.

The implementation of the “open” school requires an “open” society and education with corresponding institutional and moral accountability in philosophy, content, program, innovation, information, technology, and ultimately, its architecture.

The experiment of Finnish architecture towards the “open” school is implemented effortlessly and creatively according to the existing institutional frameworks and with the solid foundations of a collective moral constitution, consistency and faith.

The same today evolves into a “social center”, accessible to pupils and more widely to the citizens of the community it serves.

The lecture refers to concepts and architectural applications that make up the current example of “open” school and its architecture in Finland.

Short bio

Architectural Studies:
NTUA (1960-1965)
Columbia University / GSAP and GSAS, New York (M.Sc./1969-1970, and Ph.D./ 1970-73)
Columbia University / GSAP Hospital Building Design and Architectural Composition (Teaching Assistant and Lecturer / 1971-73 Assistant Professor – Faculty / Acting Director of Postgraduate Program / 1973-74)
Department of Architecture of the Polytechnic School, University of Patras (Professor / 1999-2006)
New York (Educational Facilities Laboratories and Center for Community Health Systems / 1972-74)
Stockholm (Swedish Institute for Planning and Rationalization of Health & Social Services / 1977-78)
Paris (Archives of the Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris / 2005).
Kyprianos Biris Office (1965-69)
Doxiadis and Assoc. Office (1974-76)
Own Design Office / SYMA / Xanthopoulos-Milisi Architects (1978-2008, design of Health and Education Buildings, etc.)

Since 2008 he has been living and working in Helsinki, participating in architectural competitions and studies, and writing books, essays and articles (recent titles: The Hospital at the Crossroads of Architecture and Medicine / MIET 2016, Alvar Aalto and Greece: trailing Ariadne’s thread / under publication 2018-2019).


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