Public lecture: JAVIER GARCÍA-SOLERA / Architecture as a city

Tuesday, November 13 2018, Room 301


Architecture is nothing if it’s made just for itself. Our clients are usually privates but we have to know –and work in consequence– that architects we have really just one client. And it is always the same: the common, the city.

Short Bio

– Born in Alicante, Spain, in 1958
– Arquitect by ETSA-Madrid 1984

– He has been for twenty years teaching in different universities of Spain and Latin América.

– More than 70 awards or distinctions in competitions and built work

– His work has been in exhibitions and specialized publications around the world, including the Biennales de Venecia 2001 and 2014 and now thw monograph “Industrias” which includes thirty years of his career.

– His Aulario III building, was proposed for the nacional Architecture Price and was selected for the European Mies Van der Rohe Award.

– He has given more than two hundred conferences, courses, seminars and workshops in Spain, Europe and Latin American.

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