Interdepartmental Program of Postgraduate Studies

“Protection Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Monuments”

Founding Year:  1998

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Departments participating in the Program of Postgraduate Studies

Six Schools of the Faculty of Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki participate in the Program:

School of Architecture

School of Civil Engineering

School of Rural and Surveying Engineering

School of Mechanical Engineering

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

School of Chemical Engineering

School of Spatial Planning and Development


The Program is managed by:

School of Architecture

A. Prof. A. Paka, President

A. Prof. M. Arakadaki, Director

S. Triantafillidis, E. Fragkou, IPPS Secretariat

There are two directions in the Program:

Direction A:     “Protection, Conservation and Restoration of Architectural Monuments”

Direction B:     “Protection, Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art and Mechanisms”

IPPS duration is three academic semesters. The Program awards a Postgraduate Specialisation Diploma. Courses and exams take up the first two semesters, followed by a student practical experience acquisition short project. During the program’s third semester, students attend lectures and Seminars and work on their Graduation Thesis.



The syllabus is common for all students, irrespective of their undergraduate degree.

Certain courses are obligatory while others are offered as optional.

The courses offered are thirty nine (39), fifteen (15) of these are υποχρεωτικά and twenty five (25) are elective courses. Elective courses are those that give postgraduate students the specialization in monuments conservation in relation to their basic studies title.


The syllabus in Direction B is also common for all students, independent of their degree.

Still a. the opportunity offered to choose the scientific area for the practical exercise and b. the opportunity offered to choose the scientific area for the postgraduate thesis give the students the capacity to form an elective area for specialization on the conservation of the works of art and mechanisms, relevant to the title of the undergraduate degree.

Practical experience

Following the summer semester, students of both Directions enter a period of practical experience acquisition on the subject of their respective direction, either in Greece or abroad, in antiquity ephorates, museum laboratories excavation sites, institutes etc. (e.g. Athens Acropolis, Thira Cape, Doin, Simi, Thasos ancient theater etc.).

Within the context of studies, additional supplementary activities are also organized, such as seminars, lectures and field trips in Greece and abroad.

It should be noted that seminars in particular have grown to become an institution of national scope. Since 1998 the IPPS has organized 11 such seminars where, apart from Program teachers, a series of scientists of international acclaim in their respective field have been invited to lecture. These seminars have been attended by over 1400 individuals with related specialties as well as by a large number of undergraduate university students.

There are cooperation agreements with international foundations and agencies

  1. There is a cooperation agreement protocol spanning the period 2008 to 2015 signed with TRAKYA UNIVERSITY
  1. Cooperation with Erythrai/Ildırı Summer School: Archaeological Landscapes: Preservation, Design, Use (PreDU) Izmir Institute of Technology,Turkey
  2. In 2011 a research project entitled “Investigation of Restoration Methods for the Historical Building of the Theological School of Chalki” was organized by AUTh in cooperation with the Christian Orthodox Patriarchate of Constantinople. Fifteen IPPS postgraduate students and twenty teaching staff members participated in this cooperation scheme that led to a particularly successful outcome.
  1. Intensive school of Conservation science.

Chemistry and Culture Euro Mediterranean Cooperation in Research and Education, Fez, Morocco.

  1. Ongoing cooperation with specialized foreign laboratories, depending on course content and specialization, e.g. Tate Gallery, London, U.K., University of Applied Sciences of Cologne, Germany

Respectively, while fulfilling its academic functions the Program cooperates with the following leading research foundations in Greece (teaching, elaboration of graduation theses, practical experience acquisition schemes, job placement).

“ORMYLIA” Art Diagnosis Center, Ormylia, Halkidiki

“DEMOKRITOS” National Center of Scientific Research, Athens

“FORTH” Foundation for Research and Technology, Herakleio

“IUSTINIANOS” Byzantine Culture Center Nea Flogita, Halkidiki

“ATHENA” Research and Innovation Center in Information, Communication and Knowledge Technologies, Xanthi


The Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program of Studies Program (IPPS) accepts holders of undergraduate degrees in Engineering and graduates of other Schools and Departments of Greek Universities, as well as corresponding foreign institutions of higher learning with requisite accreditation. Holders of foreign university degrees are required to submit certificates of recognition of comparability of their academic credentials issued by the competent Greek agency, DOATAP.

Student evaluation is conducted in two phases:

Α. There is a first preliminary phase. Evaluation criteria and corresponding weight coefficients are:

Undergraduate Degree General Grade average, relevance and proximity of basic studies to IPPS field of study, research activity (participation in research programs and projects etc.), relevant professional activity (Publications – congress and conference announcements), second undergraduate degree, other postgraduate degree(s), two letters of recommendation written by persons of an academic, research and professional capacity (6 points maximum), foreign language certificates (English, French, German, Italian)

Β. The second evaluation phase consists of an interview of candidates who have successfully passed the first evaluation phase. This evaluation stage is conducted using a 0 to 100 points evaluation scale and it refers to the portfolio of the candidate.

Program Evaluation

  1. The Program has been evaluated by a joint group of Greek and foreign distinguished scholars and scientists, specialized on the subject of the program, with high grade (άριστα) and very positive comments.
  2. Εvery two years students evaluate the program with a written questionnaire, submitted upon completion of their course.


The Program’s alumni comprise that group of scientists intended to work in both the public as well as the private sector and to enrich the pool of young scientist to whom society can turn in order further to develop specialized research in the service of culture and civilization.

IPPS maintains close contact with its alumni after their graduation by means of:

  1. a) group e-mails related to invitations to relevant lectures, speeches, congresses etc.
  2. b) IPPS website and facebook page, aiming to the provision of information concerning the professional prospects and achievements of its graduates.

Numbers provide a rather encouraging picture concerning both the demand for alumni of the particular Program as well as professional prospects it provides.

Based on pertinent data available to date, at least 123 of our alumni of all specializations (1st and 2nd Directions) have been hired via ASEP open public procedures and ESPA programs in organisations and public entities related to their specialisation.

Since the beginning of IPPS operation, 1384 entry applications have been submitted and 383 interested students have been accepted to attend it. To date, the Program counts 300 Postgraduate Diploma holding alumni.

In the same period 13 doctoral theses have also been elaborated and accepted, resulting in awarding of respective doctoral degrees.


UPCOMING NEW APPLICATION PERIOD FOR THE IPPS ΝΕΑ ΠΡΟΚΗΡΥΞΗ ΤΟΥ ΔΠΜΣ “Protection Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Monuments”


03 FEV - 10 APR 2020


Detailed related information can be found in the IPPS websiteΑναλυτικές

Contact info:

Tel: ++2310.99 5559, 99 5483 (+fax)




Mailing Address

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Faculty of Engineering

School of Architecture

P.O.B. 459

University City

GR - 54124 Thessaloniki


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