(Interdisciplinary Program, Inter-university Program, 3 Academic Semesters)


Participating Schools:
School of Architecture, A.U.Th.
School of Mechanical Engineering, A.U.Th.
School of Pre-School Education, A.U.Th
School of Primary Education, University of Western Macedonia


Administrative Support: School of Architecture
Chair: Professor Ν. Κalogirou
Director: Professor Μ. Skaltsa
Secretary General: P. Nitsiou, Dr. Archaeologist-Museologist, Consultan in Monuments


Director of the Secretariat:

Afroditi Bousoulenga, graduate of French Literature, ΜΑ Teaching Methodology and Educational Technology
Georgia Koletti, graduate of Business Administration 

The Program includes research and practical postgraduate training in advanced Museology Studies including Cultural Management as well as a theoretical and research component that can lead to a doctoral degree.
The Program, which covers three semesters and leads to a postgraduate diploma of Specialisation in Museology- Cultural Management, includes lectures, studios, seminars, visits to museums in Greece and abroad, visits to archaeological sites, practical work, written projects, written examinations and a written dissertation or
design diploma project.

In the 1st semester the courses cover three subject areas:
Teaching Area I: Cultural Theories
Teaching Area II: Theoretical Issues of Museology- Cultural Management
Teaching Area III: Introduction to Management Studies

The 1st semester offers 30 ECTS

In the 2nd semester the courses cover three subject areas:
Teaching Area IV: Applied Museology
Teaching Area V: Architectural Planning and Design of Exhibitions, Museums, and the Presentation of Archaeological Sites, Monuments and Complexes 
Teaching Area VI: Museum Education

The 2nd semester offers 30 ECTS

In the 3rd semester, students work in a museum or cultural institution in Greece or abroad, either through the traineeships of the Institution of National Scholarships or through other scholarships.
During their internship, the students prepare written reports after their educational visits organised by the Program in museums of Greece and Europe. At the same time, they attend seminars and symposia on Museology, Museum Management & Administration, Museum Education, and Architectural Programming & Design of Museums and Exhibitions organised by the Program.
The 3rd semester also includes the preparation of the students’ dissertation or design diploma project. The 15.000-30.000 words-long dissertations are researched and written either individually or as part of a team, however the contribution of each student is distinct. The theses can be of theoretical or design nature, in a hypothetical or real life situation. They are supervised by a three-member committee comprising by teaching staff. They are presented in public at the end of the 3rd Semester.

The 3rd semester offers 30 ECTS.

The Program provides scholarships of excellence to a small number of students.

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E: museology(at)