(3 Academic Semesters)

Participating Schools:

School of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering AUTH


Administrative Support: School of Architecture

Chair: Professor Alkmini Paka

Director: Professor Anastasios Tellios


Coordinating Committee

Anastasios Tellios (Associate Professor, School of Architecture /PhD)

Stavros Vergopoulos (Associate Professor, School of Architecture /PhD)

Konstantina Kalara (Assistant Professor, School of Architecture /PhD)

Dimitrios Kontaxakis(Assistant Professor, School of Architecture)

Spiros Papadimitriou (Lecturer, School of Architecture)


“Advanced Design: Innovation and Transdisciplinarity in Design” is a three-semester Masters Programme at AUTh that has the ambition to establish an open and wide platform of long-term research and experimentation through architectural events of logos and praxis. Its Research agendas will be oriented towards contemporary issues regarding creativity, relevant innovation and design in the complex interface of geopolitics and ubiquitous computational logic. The research agenda for the for the cycle  2019-2021 addressing the terms and parameters of advanced design, through the double prism of a local and a global aspect(read a detailed description here).

The curriculum of the Programme is open to diverse fields such as critical theory and advanced computing, ecology and anthropology, design theory and material science, philosophy and posthuman theories, robotics and political theory. Through a critical framework, transdisciplinarity is embraced in a way to render intelligible the dense complexity of the architectural design event and to speculate for innovative design proposals that link conditions from the molecular to the planetary scale.

The aim of the postgraduate programme is to refocus on the discussion and on delving into the development of new knowledge, relevant competencies and diverse skills towards shaping and supporting a new profile of the contemporary creator-designer capable of collaborating and interacting with other experts. This collaboration can yield innovative proposals, relevant to the contemporary society of information and knowledge.

Through theoretical investigation and design experimentation in practical terms, the graduate student of the Programme will acquire the ability to comprehend and speculate via close collaborations and communications with an array of specialists, from a broad spectrum of expertise, ranging from scientific to creative/artistic, in order to exploit this dynamic as a platform for creativity and innovation.

Nowadays, the architect possesses and organizes innovative thinking processes and coordinates, through transdisciplinary partnerships, creative transformations of the existing data and present conditions in novel and future possibilities. The programme focuses on Advanced Design in general, and on architectural design in particular, as a process of thinking and speculation. Leveraging this process as a fundamental trait of the architects’ identity, augments the strategy of broadening their role in the society of other domains of practice and creativity. This transdisciplinary strategy is more than necessary nowadays, as changes in society, economy and technology continuously demand a transformation in the role and relevance of the professional profile of the contemporary architect.

The three strands of the programme

The Programme is organized in three strands that are associated with the familiarization with the concept of advanced design and its evolution. More specifically, the first strand focuses on innovation, the second ontransdisciplinarity, and the third on experimentation. The first strand concerns the role of creativity and innovation in architecture, a socially responsible profession and their relevance nowadays. The second strand concerns the transverse communications among diverse domains for the possibility of innovative approaches through collaborations. The third strand concerns experimentation as a research methodology for advanced design.

The primary aim of the programme is to offer its graduates the possibility to construct new knowledge, competencies and skills that will render them, creative, effective and intellectual professionals, with the desire to be lifelong, agile and affective learners towards a critical, creative and socially responsible career.

The commitment of all contributors is to ensure quality and excellence, through continuous assessment and improvement of the educational process, as well as the promotion and fostering of collaborations with relevant research, educational and professional institutions of Greece and beyond.


Tania Katsiou

Secretariat of the Postgraduate Programme



Tel +30 2310 995510


Facebook @advanceddesign.auth

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