Papadopoulou-Symeonidou Parysatis

Parysatis Papadopoulou-Symeonidou

Architect-City and Regional Planner

Emeritus Professor of the Faculty of Architecture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

She is born in Thessaloniki. She graduated the Greek-French School Kalamari and after ten years of studies in the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki, she followed studies in Architecture, Music, Acoustics and Urban and Regional Planning in Austria and Germany (scholarship of the German Academic Exchange Office [Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst/DAAD]). She has also followed “Studies on East Europe” in Germany. In her direct interests (teaching, scientific activities, research) in the field of “Urbanization, City and Regional Development and Policy” are included social and cultural issues, as well as research in archives.

  • Diploma of Architecture from the Technical University of Graz in Austria (Dipl.-Ing. TU Graz).
  • Diploma of Music (Piano) from the State Conservatory of Graz (Steiermaerkisches Landeskonservatorium).
  • Graduate of the Institute for Urban Planning of the German Academy for Urbanization and Land Planning, Berlin (Deutsche Akademie fuer Staedtebau und Landesplanung Berlin).
  • D. of the Technical University of Berlin, Department of Social Sciences and Planning Sciences, Institute of City and Regional Planning (Dr.-Ing. Technische Universitaet Berlin/TUB, Fachbereich II: Gesellschafts- und Planungswissenschaften, Institut fuer Stadt- und Regionalplanung).
  • Habilitation in City and Regional Planning, Land Economical Analysis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
  • Professor of Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnical School, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
  • Professor Emeritus in the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnical School, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
  • Consultant in Programs for development in the framework of researching and educational processes of foreign Universities and other official and private institutions, as well as in the framework of scientific activities of the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISoCaRP).


She has been:

  • Consultant of the National Center of Public Administration (Ministry of the State) in issues of City and Regional Development.
  • Director of the first Regional Institute of Introductory Administrative Education and Further Education Thessaloniki (Ministry of the State).
  • Member of the Direction Council of the National Center for Environment and Sustainable Development.
  • Coordinator of the Commission for Consideration and Commission for Reconsideration of Graduation Certificates in the field of Arts, Cyprus Council for recognition of Academic Degrees of the Ministry for Education and Culture Cyprus.
  • Member of the International Commission for scientific editions, member of commissions for congresses, seminars of Greek and foreign universities, of international commissions for consideration and promoting of development programs (European level), and of commissions in the framework of the Global Conference of migrant Hellenes.


She taught and gave speeches in many foreign universities (Europe, Asia, America). She contributed with speeches in international meetings in Greece and other countries as invited by political, governmental and social institutions (Vatican Ministry of Culture, Conrad Adenauer Institution, Federal Ministry of Culture of Germany, Federal Center of Germany for Political Education, State Secretary for Culture and Media Germany, and others). She represented the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in international academic/scientific and other meetings.

She was a member of many scientific commissions and institutions in Greece and abroad, she is a member of the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISoCaRP), and of social associations. In the field of her scientific and researching interests (with speeches in universities, institutes and other institutions, with books, programs and publications in Greek and other languages), an importance is given to issues in the fields of City and Regional development and policy, European Union, East and South Europe, Underdeveloped Countries, Human rights and global social perspective, as well as subjects of culture in the space-time dialectics. For all these subjects her books are in circulation.

She was honored by universities, municipalities, associations and other institutions for her contribution to science and society. She speaks four foreign languages.


Titles of her own books:

-     Boden- und Gebaeudewirtschaftliche Probleme der Stadtplanung am Beispiel Thessalonikis, Diss. Technische Universitaet Berlin. (Economic problems of land and buildings in Urban Planning, the case of Thessaloniki (PhD, TU Berlin). (1976)

-     The liquidation of houses in private, public and state operations. (1979)

-     General rules for urban planning – Methodology for urban design – Evaluation of the urban space. (1980)

-     The urban land market – The case of Thessaloniki. (Habilitation). (1983)

-     Housing policy. (1986)

-     The Local Authority in Greece and in Germany / Kommunalpolitik in Griechenland und Bundesrepublik Deutschland (ed. and transl.). (1990)

-     City and Urban planning in the Former Soviet Union (1917-1985). (1995)

-     The choice of Athens as the capital of Greece, 1833-1834. (1996)

-     Networks and organization policies of the Ecumenical Hellenism. (1998)

-     Housing program and professional integration of new comers Greek people in Thessaloniki (responsible of the program). (1999)

-     Pontos. Between yesterday and tomorrow. (2000)

-     Pontos. Between yesterday and tomorrow. (engl.) (2001)

-     The Hellenism of Crimea – Social unknown and political forgotten [after the fall of USSR]. (2002)

-     Multi-nationalism and Globalization. (2003)

-     Alexander Kontozis: the poet – the intellect [Pontos, Russia, Greece]. (2004)

-     Which Europe? (2005)

-     Urban Land Policy. The mythos of the objective values in the case of Thessaloniki. (2007)

-     Trebizond, the city in the light of its culture. History, Society, Monuments, Architecture. (with summary in English) (2011)

-     Balkan. The poverty hostage. (2012)

-     Pontos. Ethnographic and social mosaic of culture. (2013)

-     The silence of the history. South, East and Central Turkey from a travel diary. (with summary in English) (2014)


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Emeritus Professor


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