Malindretos Michael†

Curriculum Vitae:

He was born in Chania in 1951, and in 1976 he was named a Graduate Architect (Dottore in Architettura) of the University Institute of Architecture of Venice (Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia). In 1977 he specialized in Roads and Transport (Ingeneria Stradale) in the Continuing Education Programme of the Technical University of Milan (Corso di Perfezionamento nel Programma di Istruzione Permanente del Politecnico di Milano). In 1988 he was appointed Ph.D. in Urban Planning by the Department of Architects of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Athens. In 1980 he signed the first contract for the term of office of Scientific Associate, in 1989 after a crisis, he was appointed Lecturer for the term of office of the Department of Urban Planning, Spatial Planning and Regional Development, in 1997 after a crisis he was elected E.P. Professor of the same Department while in 1998 he joined the Department of Architectural Design and Architectural Technology of the Department of Architects of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Athens.

He has published papers in international and Greek scientific journals, conference proceedings, technical texts and other publications. He has participated in a series of ERASMUS research and teaching programmes with the university of France and Italy. He demonstrates administrative and organisational activity as a member of various committees, as a member of the general meeting of the Department of Architects, and has been appointed responsible for the cooperation contract between the University of Athens and the I.U.A.V. of Venice.

Applied project: Presents intense and remarkable professional activity in the fields of urban and architectural studies and applications with significant construction work.

Teaching Project: Planning, Design, Development and New Technologies, Building, Technological Networks and Infrastructure.


Subject Areas
Architectural Design and Architectural Technology


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