Kyriakou Vasiliki (Laboratory Teaching Staff)


Dr. Architect Engineer


Post-Doctoral Researcher in the School of Architecture, AUTH

Laboratory Teaching Staff


Undergraduate studies

Degree in Architecture - Integrated master. School of Architecture – Faculty of Engineering, AUTH, with a scholarship from the IKY (State Scholarships Foundation).

Post-Graduate studies

  1. MSc in Energy Systems (in English), I.H.U.
    Specialization: Buildings' Energy audit and retrofit.
  2. MSc Environmental Planning of Cities and Buildings, H.O.U.
    Historic spaces in the urban web. Redesign based on the principles of environmental planning.

Doctoral Thesis in the Department of Civil Engineering – DUTH.

Scientific area: Constructions and Building Physics. Title: Analytical and numerical study of the heat and moisture transfer in subterranean heritage structures and regulation of the conditions for protection and sustainability.

Post-Doctoral researcher in the School of Architecture AUTH (in progress).


Participant in International Working Groups

Think Tank of the Humboldt Viadrina – Berlin

Think Tank of the Das Progressives Zentrum - Berlin (

Selected in International Technical Committees

Member of the following ASHRAE-USA TCs (Technical Committees):

  1. TC02.8 “Building Environmental Impacts and Sustainability”
  2. TC02.10 “Resilience and Security”
  3. TC04.4 “Building Materials and Building Envelope Performance”



Over 30 publications in International Journals and Conferences with reviewers, papers included in Guidelines and Policy briefs in the context of European Projects and publications in international official websites.

Most important during the last 5 years are the following:

V. Kyriakou and V.P. Panoskaltsis, “Sustainable management approaches for underground heritage structures threatened by the environment and the human presence”, Int. Journal World Review of Science and Technology for Sustainable Development, Special Issue on Environmental Challenges and Sustainable Development. Accepted April 2020

V. Kyriakou and V.P. Panoskaltsis, “Hygrothermal performance in underground heritage structures and issues related to their conservation”, Scientific Journal IJSTRE - International Journal of Scientific and Technical Research in Engineering, Vol. 4, Issue 5, Sep-Oct 2019, pp.42-50 ISSN: 2581-9941

V. Kyriakou, “Local Energy Communities and Smart Islands: Key drivers for Europe’s transition into a resilient and sustainable economy”, THA - Triple Helix Association, Thessaloniki, Sept. 2019, Book of Abstracts pp.123-124

V. Kyriakou, “Policy Brief on Sustainable Growth. Recommendations on Energy, Climate and Environmental Policies”, ASHRAE-TEE International Conference ΕΝERGY in BUILDINGS Northern Hellas, Thessaloniki, May 2019,

V. Kyriakou and V.P. Panoskaltsis, “Shelters for monuments: Contribution to sustainable management and future heritage preservation”, ASHRAE International Conference ENERGY in BUILDINGS, Athens, Sept. 2019 einb2019.php

V. Kyriakou, “Smart Islands and Energy Communities – Key future Actors for Climate Change Adaptation and Energy Sustainability in the EU”. In the Policy Brief on Sustainable Growth, in the context of the project "Dialogue On Europe", Das Progressives Zentrum, 2018, pp.12-13 2018/03/Policy-Brief-2018_Dialogue-on-Europe-Sustainbable-growth.pdf

V. Kyriakou, “Greek islands going green. Greek islands going renewable and intelligent: a driver for the energy transition in the EU” Das Progressives Zentrum, Dialogue On Europe

V. Kyriakou and V.P. Panoskaltsis, “Energy efficiency in heritage buildings”, ASHRAE International Conference ENERGY in BUILDINGS, Athens, Nov. 2018,

V. Kyriakou and V.P. Panoskaltsis, “The impact of the tumulus on the preservation of underground heritage structures”, PRE-XIV International Conference Preservation and restoration of the Environment, Thessaloniki, June 2018, Book of Proceedings pp.158-168

A.M. Esteves, V. Kyriakou, P. Valdes-Stauber, “Local Energy Communities and priority corridors of north-south energy connections”, Dialogue On Europe


Laboratory Teaching Staff

Subject Area: Sustainability and Built Heritage – Protecting structures from the environmental conditions, applying the principles of Building Physics.


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