Kafkalas Grigoris

Curriculum Vitae:

Academic titles
1972:Architect-Engineer, Technical University of Athens.
1979:M.A. in Urban and Regional Studies, The University of Sussex (UK).
1984:Doctoral Degree, Department of Urban and Regional Planning and Development, School of Architecture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
1987:D.Phil., Development Studies (IDS) and Urban and Regional Studies, The University of Sussex(UK).

Scientific interests
Keywords: Spatial development, Spatial planning, Location of activities, Spatial impact of policies

Description: Spatial structure of productive systems and trends of spatial development. Infrastructure networks and spatial development. Spatial planning frameworks and applications on European, national, regional and metropolitan/urban levels.  Transnational strategic cooperation for spatial planning. Multi-level spatial governance. Spatial integration of policies: coordination, synergy, subsidiarity. Spatial impact assessment of sectoral plans and policies. Applications of G.I.S. in spatial development and planning.

Books and edited volumes (after 1999)

  • Kafkalas,G. (with the collaboration of Andrikopoulou, E. and A. Giannakou)  (1999):Thessaloniki: Monocentrism and the Role of the Tertiary Sector, Organization for the Master Plan of Thessaloniki/SDRU/ZITI, Thessaloniki (in Greek)
  • Andrikopoulou,E. and G.Kafkalas, eds. (2000):The New European Space: the new geography of European development, Themelio, Athens (in Greek)
  • Andrikopoulou, E. and G.Kafkalas(2000):Spatial Impact of European Policies, Ziti, Thessaloniki (in Greek)
  • Heinelt,H., Getimis,P., Kafkalas,G., Smith,R. and E.Swyngedouw, eds. (2002), Participatory governance in multi-level context: concepts and experience, Leske and Budrich, Opladen
  • Getimis,P. and G.Kafkalas, eds. (2003), Space and Environment: globalisation, governance, sustainability, Proceedings of the Conference, Journal TOPOS, March 2002, Ziti, Thessaloniki (in Greek)
  • Getimis,P. and G.Kafkalas, eds. (2003),Metropolitan Governance: international experience and the Greek reality,  UEHR/Ziti, Thessaloniki (in Greek)
  • Kafkalas, G., ed., (2004),Spatial Development Issues: theoretical approaches and policies, Kritiki, Athens (in Greek)
  • Getimis, P. and G.Kafkalas, eds., (2007),Overcoming fragmentation in Southeast Europe, Aldershot: Ashgate
  • Andrikopoulou, E., Giannakou, E., Kafkalas, G., and M.Pitsiava (2007),City and Urban Planning Practices, Kritiki, Athens (in Greek)
  • Kafkalas, G., L.Labrianidis and N.Papamichos, eds., (2008), Thessaloniki on the Verge: the city as a process of change, KRITIKI, Athens (in Greek).


Research (after 2004)

  • 2004: Spatial Impacts of the Egnatia Motorway: the state of influence zones, Assignment:  Egnatia Odos S.A.
  • 2004-2005. Application and Impact of the ESDP upon EU Members 2004-2006, Transnational project in the context of ESPON/INTERREGIIIB
  • 2004: ESTIA-SPOSE: European Space – Territorial Indicators and actions for a Spatial Planning Observatory in Southeastern Europe, Transnational project in the context of ESPON/INTERREGIIIB • 
  • 2004: NPD-NET: Innovation and New Product Development through Interregional Networks, Transnational project in the context of INTERREGIIIC • 
  • 2005-2007: Spatial Integration of Sustainable Development Policies and Electronic Governance. Experience and prospects in the metropolitan area of Thessaloniki, Assignment: PYTHAGORASII, Ministry of Education, Operational Program • 
  • 2006-2008: SIMCODE-IGT: Spatial Impacts of Multimodal Corridor Development, ARCHIMED/INTERREG • 
  • 2006-2008: SEMSON: Southeastern Mediterranean Spatial Observatory Network, ARCHIMED/INTERREG • 
  • Ongoing: Human Capabilities as a basic Component of Development Dynamics and Differentiation of the Regions: the case of Greece, THALIS, Ministry of Education, Operational Program • 
  • Ongoing: ECR2 - Economic Crisis: Resilience of Regions, ESPON/ERDF


Other activities
Founding member of the Editorial Committees of the Greek journals City and Region (1981-89) and TOPOS: journal of urban and regional studies(1990-2007/ISSN 1105–3267). Member of the Scietific Boards of the English language journals SPATIUM International Review published by the Institute of Architecture and Urban & Spatial Planning of Serbia and TERRITORIUM published by the Institute of Spatial Planning, University of Belgrade. Examiner and supervisor of the Greek Scholarship Foundation on Spatial Development (2000-2007). Reviewer of articles for Greek and International scientific journals: International Journal of Urban and Regional Studies, European Planning Studies, TECHNIKA CHRONIKA, AEICHOROS, GEOGRAPHIES. Founder and coordinator of the Spatial Development Research Unit (SDRU/AUT). Member of: Regional Science Association, Regional Studies Association, Association of the Greek Urban and Regional Planners; National Council for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development (2010-2012). Vice President of the Department of Spatial Planning and Development, appointed by the Senate of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Emeritus Professor

Subject Areas:
Urban and Regional Development and Spatial Planning