Conenna Claudio

Curriculum Vitae:
Born in:  Tandil/Buenos Aires/ Argentina 1959. 

1984 Architect/ National University La Plata, Argentina.

1999 PhD Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Topic: Greek Monastic Architecture / Place and Environment.

1985–1993 Taught Architectural Design and History of Architecture at the School of Architecture / National University La Plata/ Argentina.

From 2001 Taught Architectural Design and Theory of Architecture at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

From 2007 - 2013 - Lecturer / School of Architecture AUTH.

2013 - Assistant professor School of Architecture AUTH

Student Diploma projects proposals awarded at international competitions for architecture students.

From 2008 invited professor at Frederick University Cyprus.

2007 “Greek monastic architecture an organic proposal

2009 “Drawings on the Sand” (un-built proposals)

2012 “Youth and Public Space” in collaboration with colleagues Kiriaki Tsoukala, Lila Pantelidou, and Maria Daniil.

2013 “The teaching of Louis I. Kahn και other essays” in collaboration with colleagues  Kiriaki Tsoukala, Lila Pantelidou, and Maria Daniil.

2014 “Enric Miralles architect” in collaboration with colleagues  Kiriaki Tsoukala, Lila Pantelidou, and Maria Daniil.

Over 50 articles have been published in architectural journals –Mexico, Ecuador, Columbia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, and Finland.  The texts are related to monographic issues of modern and contemporary architecture or architects of modernism and contemporary architects of Europe (Le Corbusier, L. Mies van der Rohe, G. Terragni, J. Duiker, R. Moneo, A. Siza, Coop Himmelblau, Enric Miralles) as well as of Latin America (A. Williams, R. Salmona, C. Testa, L. Barragán, O. Niemeyer among others).

Participation at international architectural conferences and member of ENHSA, Latin America Erasmus Mundus program, related with architectural education. Participation at international seminars and architectural workshops and lectures at various universities of Colombia, Spain, Cyprus, and Sweden. 

Awards and Distinctions 
2012 1st Award PanEuropean competition for the Enviromenetal Education Park in the area of Pallourokampos, Latsia, Cyprus.

2010   Honored Distinction international competition for the Wine Museum at Santiago de Chile / Chile.

2009    Huésped de Honor Extraordinario de la Universidad Nacional de La Plata- Argentina. Exceptional Honoured Guest at the University of La Plata, Argentina.

2009   1st Student Diploma Project Award given to Marina Gousia titled “Viviendas de Bajo Costo” under my and associate prof. K. Spiridonidis supervision. Int’l competition SAIE Selección 09 Bolonia / Italia.

2008  1st distinction award for the competition of the redesigning of Nikotsaras Square in the city of Kavala. 

Scientific Interests
My scientific interests cover the architecture and architects in 20th and 21th century as theory of design practice both in Europe and in Latin America.

Assοciate Professor

Subject Areas:
Department of Architectural And Urban Design.