Chrysafides Evangelos

Curriculum vitae

Dr Eyangelos Chrysafidis is an Archirect-Engineer, graduate of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Greece (AUTh). He followed Economic studies at the School of Economics of Thessaloniki, Music studies at the State Music School and Macedonian School of Thessaloniki and he is Professor at the School of Architecture of AUTh. He is also free-lance Architect-Engineer, working on both private and public projects. Languages: Greek, English, Italian.

Graduate Studies in Architecture of AUTh. Studies in Architecture, at the Faculty of Architecture in Venice, Italy for one year. Master (Marts) in Health Facility Planning and Design at the Medical Architecture Research Unit (M.A.R.U. - Polytechnic of North London) and PhD in Health Facility Planning and Design, at the School of Architecture - AUTh. Research Visitor at the Medical Architecture Research Unit (MARU-London),at the Swedish Planning and Rationalization Institute,Spri (Stockholm) and the King’s Fund Centre (London). He has been collaborator of Technical Departments of several Hospilals, Municipalities and Organizations. He has been Member of the Architectural Committee at the Urban Planning and Design State office of Thessaloniki, of Evosmos and Halkidiki districts, member of the International Hospital Federation (I.H.F.) and member of other State committees and committees of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Consultant and Collaborator of the planning and design Department of the AHEPANS Teaching Hospital of Thessaloniki, Works”. Member of the council of the scientific Union for Protypation and Standardization, Member of UIA-Public Health Group, member of several symposium and scientific committees. Member of the Council of the Architect’s Union of Thessaloniki.  Head of the Section (Faculty of Architecture of AUTh), responsible for Architectural Design and Architectural Technology Teaching and Research and member of the administrative of the Faculty of Architecture of AUTh Committee.

Professor at the School of Architecture, AUTh with teaching and scientific activities relative to Health Facility Planning and Design, and to Architectural Design and Building Technology. Teaching Guest at the School of Medicine of Thessaloniki,  at the Turkish School of Architecture - University of Kocaeli and other Schools of Architecture (university of Napoli Federico II, University of Aacher-Germany, University of North London-Department of M.A.R.U. and University of Belgrade- Faculty of Organizational Sciences). Participation in seminars, symposiums, and educational activities mostly related to Health Facility Planning and Design, and Standardization issues.




Subject Areas
Architectural Design and Architectural Technology


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